LEVERAGE Organizational Values


I have a thorough understanding of my job and the goals of our organization. I continue to educate myself and apply my learning in ways that are valuable and useful. I am seen as an expert in my field.

Client Service

I am passionate about building enduring relationships. I add value by treating every client and team member as though they are the most important person by working diligently and with a positive attitude, to achieve their goals.


I conduct myself in a manner that reflects objectivity, competence, and humility. I believe in a solid work ethic consisting of punctuality, dedication, and self discipline. I represent the organization in a positive way and exhibit good judgement.


I am consistently relied upon to follow through and deliver on my commitments. I proactively perform my job to the best of my ability with attention to detail. I produce quality work for all.


I am committed to being a forward thinker. I seek out cutting edge products and methods to improve efficiency, productivity, and sales. I embrace collaboration and the fluid exchange of ideas.


I own my actions and am answerable for the outcome. I honor the commitments I make to others. I accept responsibility for my role and deliver quality results.


I inspire and empower others by setting high standards for myself and serving as an example for what I expect from them. I effectively communicate expectations. I am committed to making necessary, informed, and timely decisions.


I appreciate the rights, opinions, and competencies of those with whom I interact. I listen to what others have to say and treat them as I wish to be treated. I acknowledge and value the time and effort of others, recognizing that we all play an integral part in the success of our organization and our credit unions.


I earn trust and gain confidence by possessing a high level of ethical credibility. I tell the truth, keep my word, and respect the boundaries of confidentiality.


I speak and act with good purpose using empowering and positive conversation. I effectively convey critical business information in a timely manner. I refrain from idle talk or rumor.


My behavior is in perfect alignment with the high moral and ethical standards I possess. I adhere to what is right even without an audience. I am transparent and honest in all that I say and do.


I commit to collaborating with my team members in the interest of cohesiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency. I am sympathetic to those who request assistance and freely give it when asked. I listen, acknowledge, and compromise when necessary to achieve common goals.