Gift Cards

LEVERAGE Rewards offers over 150 gift cards and certificates options to include over 40 e-gift cards in various denominationsin the categories of dining, entertainment, shopping and travel. Our vast selection of gift cards ensures the best fit with the demographics of your accounts holders. We can even incorporate your stored value card into the mix of gift card rewards.


LEVERAGE Rewards has partnered with Orbitz, giving you and your members the best pricing and greatest flexibility in airline ticket and travel redemption bookings. Accessible both online with our internet booking engine and offline through our call center, your account holders can fly any airline – any time without blackout dates or limited seating. We have eliminated point thresholds and offer “variable air,”
whereby your participants can book travel whenever they have enough points.


LEVERAGE Rewards offers a merchandise database of millions of items for various categories. The categories include electronics, hardware, kitchenware, office products, photography and more.

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