Strategic Solutions

Our relationship rewards solution rewards your members with purchase points and bonus points for every relationship established with your credit union.

  • Credit card rewards
  • Debit card rewards
  • Retail product bonus points (i.e. auto and mortgage loans, bill pay, direct deposit, online banking)
  • Community involvement (i.e. branch events and seminars, fundraising for financial institution charitable causes, and other sponsored events)


LEVERAGE Rewards has perfected the process for householding accounts. We can link multiple accounts to an individual, as well as linking family members, giving members the ability to combine points and earn rewards faster. We also have the option for point gifting.

Targeted Promotions

From activation and acquisition, to spend and earn promotions, LEVERAGE Rewards will help you to increase and generate more card usage.

Merchant-Funded Solutions
Our merchant-funded networks are seamlessly integrated as a component into your loyalty strategy.

  • Generate fee income on every transaction
  • Members earn points 5 times faster
  • Bonus points funded by the merchants
  • Your local merchants can easily join to participate

Travel Redemption Revenue Share

We have developed a patent-pending process. This process allows LEVERAGE Rewards to provide our clients with significant interchange income on every travel redemption.

Campaign Manager

Transactional based clients can design their own Bonus Campaigns. Campaigns can be completely customized, can take effect in real-time, without any additional cost.

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