Equipment Management


Great American’s ClearOneSM is a single-source, turnkey solution for comprehensive, management of equipment maintenance, helping credit unions achieve a new level of success in reducing maintenance costs and efficiently handling service-related processes and vendors.

  • SAVE UP TO 20% on hard-dollar maintenance costs when you consolidate multiple vendor contracts into one service agreement.
  • SPEND LESS ADMINISTRATION TIME on contracts and perpetual renewals for additional soft-dollar savings.
  • LOG ALL REPAIR REQUESTS into an easy online portal, streamlining internal service-related processes.
  • SAVE TIME AND RESOURCES by engaging our team to handle repair requests, vendor calls, service verifications, documentation, and invoice payments.
  • CONTINUE USING YOUR VENDORS or choose from our vetted alternatives to ensure high-quality service levels.
  • ACCESS TRANSPARENT DATA to support equipment-related budgeting and decision-making.

Working with Great American will take the burden of managing equipment off your staff so they can focus on responsibilities that are more vital to your business. Click here to watch a short video and learn more on how to reduce time and save on contract pricing.

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