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The expanded suite of business solutions from LEVERAGE provides credit unions with access to best-in-class, cost-effective solutions that benefit their bottom line. LEVERAGE business solutions can help to competitively position credit unions in the crowded financial services marketplace. We leverage our resources, relationships, and industry knowledge to connect credit unions to the right business solutions and service providers to maximize credit union performance and growth.

LEVERAGE contracts with independent companies to offer products and services to credit unions, as well as credit union industry affiliates. LEVERAGE endeavors to negotiate preferred terms from such companies, in return for which LEVERAGE may be compensated in the form of marketing or other fees. Each of these companies has been selected by LEVERAGE for its experience and expertise in a particular area; however, each credit union or credit union industry affiliate is solely responsible to fully and carefully evaluate all products and services prior to contracting to purchase the same. Neither LEVERAGE nor any of its employees, officers, directors, or affiliates guarantees or warrants the quality of products sold or services performed by such companies. LEVERAGE shall have no liability to any party for any losses that may be incurred as the result of contracting for products or services offered by such independent companies.