Q:  What is the difference between private student loans and federal student loans?

A:  Private student loans are credit-based and 90% cosigned. Federal student loans are needs-based and do not have cosigners.

Q: What liquidity options do you have for credit unions that are not able to hold the whole balance sheet?

A: LendKey provides 3 different liquidity options: a full-balance sheet, partial balance sheet, and zero balance sheet programs; respectively named custom, participation network, and forward sale.

Q: Is LendKey compliant?

A: All programs through LendKey are fully compliant and regulated.

Q: What about servicing?

A: LendKey services on behalf of the credit union for the entire life of the loan including delinquency outreach.

Q: What is Lending-as-a-Service?

A: This means LendKey takes care of the entire loan process, from demand generation to loan closing, including instant credit decisioning, online origination, disbursement, payments, audit support, servicing and more so you can focus on serving your membership.