GPS Tracking


Not all GPS technology solutions are created equal. LEVERAGE partner PassTime technology is built on the philosophy that successfully recovering a vehicle is good, but having a member continue to pay on their auto loan is even better.

PassTime is the industry leader in high-tech GPS tracking and automated collection technology solutions for auto financing. This technology will provide credit unions with a greater ability to grow more members with added protection, improve member payment performance, and reduce delinquency rates. It also provides the tools to increase originations without increasing staff. PassTime GPS technology helps ensure accounts stay current and can help rate opportunities to cross-sell to a more loyal borrower.

More importantly, PassTime offers the technology to help a credit union effectively offer auto loans to consumers who need a vehicle the most.

What is Automated Collection Technology (ACT)?

ACT provides innovative GPS technology that aids credit unions in the ability to collect auto loan payments more efficiently by incorporating audible reminders and vehicle immobilization when needed. These features are prompted automatically, based on preset dates, and do not require additional personal interaction with the borrower. This enhancement improves performance by creating greater awareness of payment due dates and consequences for members.


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Why PassTime?

PassTime is the industry leader in technology development yielding unmatched support and service. PassTime has the lowest equipment failure rate in the industry, with less than 1.4% of 1% experiencing failure or connectivity issues.

By choosing PassTime, credit unions are ensured full-service installation at the members’ convenience managed by a national dispatch center. PassTime service includes 24/7 live customer support, field training and support for staff, and tow/impound lot notification services.

PassTime stands out as a national leader in device compliance equipping credit unions with Compliance Officer Training and Management, FTC reviewed PassTime Consumer/Member Disclosures, and already established CFPB and Larger Participant Guidelines.

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