LEVERAGE Benefits Group

One Invoice for All Lines of Coverage

Using LEVERAGE Benefits Group’s state-of-the-art billing and administration technology, we use that data to audit each carrier bill on your behalf and consolidate one invoice for all lines of coverage. LEVERAGE Benefits Group bills you in real time, based on accurate enrollment. We begin with a line-by-line audit of your payroll roster against each carrier bill you receive to build out our system using the most accurate data. Our technology contains a robust, rules-based intelligence engine capable of managing intricate voluntary rules or customized parameters by benefit. Our billing team ensures that only the employees that should be on your plan are on your plan … and your bill. You review one audited bill for all lines of coverage and remit one premium amount back to us.

We are more than a broker

LEVERAGE Benefits Group works with companies of all sizes in Alabama and Florida. Our broad understanding of carrier designs and exclusive carrier partnerships allows us to leverage volume for flexibility and potential cost savings. As a consultant, broker, and administrator, we are uniquely positioned to provide the most comprehensive recommendations and guidance. There are knowledge and experience, but what about SERVICE? Our #1 goal is not just to provide exceptional service … we strive to execute SERVICE DOMINATION with all client interaction.

Enrollment & Eligibility Administration

LEVERAGE Benefits Group manages the day-to-day operations associated with employee benefits administration. We process carrier enrollments and changes, as well as review employee benefits selection for accuracy. From open enrollment through termination of benefits, LEVERAGE Benefits Group’s team serves as an extension of your HR and Benefits Department, providing the support you need for streamlined administration of your employee benefits plans. We have eliminated the burden of managing and auditing benefits election paperwork throughout the year and at open enrollment.


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