With the increasing number of natural disasters in the news and recent devastation in the southeast from extreme weather and storms, consumers and business owners need a solid strategy to securely protect important documents and information. LEVERAGE partner RecordLyf provides a credit union branded community outreach program to educate members and potential members on the need for a disaster recovery plan. This solution, offered in partnership with Virtual StrongBox, provides a safe online platform for personal storage and serves as a secure platform for document sharing.

Program Features

  • Secure portal for storage of insurance policies, financial records, drivers’ licenses, social security cards, medical records, prescription information, important contacts and wills
  • Cloud-based single sign on portal protected by seven security patents
  • Proven solution to more than 300 credit unions providing protected online storage tools
  • Provides platform for increased credit union branded member and non-member engagement

Program Benefits

  • Designed to provide at no cost to the member as a value add of being a credit union member
  • Increase credit union brand awareness
  • 24-hour access to a 100MB personal disaster recovery vault
  • Third-party document sharing through a unique share link

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