Strategic Marketing Solutions

LEVERAGE’s partnership with marketing gurus TwoScore and Gira{ph} creates a powerful synergy to engage your small-asset-size credit union’s marketing efforts affordably and effectively. Headed by former credit union executives who understand the unique challenges of the industry, these companies tailor your marketing needs to fit budget and objectives.

From culture development to new logos and website redesigns, TwoScore and Gira{ph} help you bring your brand to life for existing and potential members. By working in tandem, these companies maximize your marketing dollars and zero in on exactly how to make your credit union stand out in the marketplace.

TwoScore offers strategic marketing campaign design and development, while Gira{ph} provides graphic design and collateral in the art and design of credit union marketing. One of the many strengths Gira{ph} brings to the table is “phormula,” an easy to use, affordable, flexible content management system that makes it simple for credit unions to update content and make the most of the web experience for members.

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Program Benefits

  • Founded by industry experts to work exclusively with small-asset-size CUs
  • Tailors programs specifically to meet your CU goals and budget
  • Maximize marketing dollars with targeted campaigns and materials
  • Deploys programs with measureable objectives
  • Designed “phormula,” an easy-to-use, affordable Content Management System to allow members to make the most of your website
  • Graphic design experts and the latest technology without the overhead for your CU

Program Success

  • 450% ROI in first year of auto loan promotion for $19 million CU
  • 9% auto loan growth for $44 million CU
  • 65% growth of total loans in the first six months for a $53 million CU
  • 13% achievement of annual mortgage goal by a $26 million CU
  • 91% growth of total loan portfolio by a $27 million CU
  • Clients have achieved 178.16% more loan growth than their peer credit unions
  • Clients have achieved 13.59% better ROA (0.07 basis points)
  • Clients have achieved 460.44% more 12-month net income growth than their peer credit unions
  • Clients have achieved 33.36% higher 12-month growth in total revenue than their peer credit unions