Clutch (WITHCLUTCH, INC), a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), is a digital account opening and loan origination portal for credit unions. The platform removes friction from the application process, automates fraud detection and enables consumers to fund accounts via ACH / Debit / Credit Card. Moreover, the platform presents pre-qualified loan offers, cross-sells recapture opportunities if applicants have high-interest debt elsewhere and drives efficiency gains throughout the loan underwriting and funding process. Clutch is focused on serving credit unions and partners with north of 120 institutions: from credit unions with 5,000 members and $50M in assets all the way to multiple of the nation's largest institutions.

Serve Members like a FinTech

  • • Deposit Account Opening
  • • ID Verification & Fraud Detection
  • • Frictionless Application Experience
  • • 1-click Pre-Approval Redemption Experience
  • • Cross-Sale and Up-Sale of Deposit, Loan and Ancillary Products
  • • HAL AI assistant designed to streamline loan applications

How WithClutch Helps Credit Unions

  • Grow Deposits Like a FinTech
    • • Digital end to end deposit account opening.
    • • Premium fraud detection and ID verification.
    • • Auto-funding via Plaid, Payroll deducation or Debit/Credit card.
  • Grow Loan Volume Like a FinTech
    • • Enable members to borrow anywhere, any time.
    • • Applications sign loan docs in-session, 24/7.
    • • Personlized experiences, highly converting flows and fully automated engagement.
  • Create Efficiency Gains Like a FinTech
    • • Originate deposits and loans in minutes, cross-sell in seconds.
    • • Up-sell ancillary products to generate non-interest income.
    • • Automate workflows, new accounts and loans without human interaction.

For more information about how LEVERAGE can assist your credit union with Clutch, email consult@myleverage.com or call 855-9EXPERT (855-939-7378).


Clutch's goal is to turn Credit Unions into FinTech and help them remain their Members' first choice. Clutch's product helps Credit Unions to deepen their relationships the moment they onboard a new Member or serve an existing Member. Therefore, every Credit Union would benefit from a conversation with Clutch, if only to compare notes around best practices and what other Credit Unions are doing.

Clutch offers two products, a loan portal that sits ontop of your LOS and a Digital Account Opening solution. Both products fundamentally reduce friction and create a seamless experience to your applicants. Success manifests itself in multiple ways including higher conversion / pull-thru of applicants, up to 30% more loan volume and more than 40% more deposit volume. Overall, significantly more engaged Members who have more products with the Credit Union.

Clutch - a CUSO - exclusively serves Credit Unions. Some of the clients include Suncoast, Fairwinds, Launch, Community First CU of Florida, Georgia's Own, Georgia United, Atlanta Postal, Guardian and Redstone amongst others.

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