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LEVERAGE is the for-profit affiliate of the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates (LSCU). We partner with preferred, best-in-class solutions providers so we can equip you with the products and services you need to grow your financial institution.


2024 Webinars

Learning with LEVERAGE- 2024 Education and Training Opportunities for Clients
Join the League of Southeastern Credit Unions (LSCU) & Affiliates in learning how to grow your knowledge and network to advance your credit union and better serve members.

2023 Webinars

Learning with LEVERAGE- Boosting Customer Engagement Using AI
Discover how incorporating multilingual omnichannel AI bots and live chat into credit union customer experience strategies can enhance member interactions in financial transactions, mirroring the successful practices of forward-thinking banks.

Learning with LEVERAGE- Making It Personal Leveraging Data and Tech
This webinar will explore how credit unions can harness data analytics and modern technology to meet member expectations for hyper-personalization, improving engagement, retention, and revenue growth through relevant offers and personalized digital experiences, akin to leading global brands.

Learning with LEVERAGE- Employee Retention Credit - What, How, and Lessons Learned
Discover how CUACG empowered 100+ credit unions to secure over $20 million in Employee Retention Credits in a webinar led by Amanda Onkst, exploring ERC eligibility and valuable insights.

Learning with LEVERAGE- Supercharge your Social Media
Uncover the importance of social media for credit unions, explore platforms, understand content boosting, and acquire effective strategies to enhance online presence and member engagement.

Learning with LEVERAGE- Navigating Best Practices for Network Participation and Interchange
Amid shrinking liquidity and rising inflation, effective management of the credit union's income sources is critical; join us to delve into processor and network interchange for maximizing non-interest fee income, where questions are welcome, misconceptions left behind, and untapped income discovered.

Learning with LEVERAGE- Ahead of the Curve with Digital Card Innovation
A forward-thinking digital payments strategy is crucial for improving member experience and driving institutional growth, as discussed by an industry expert focusing on trends, consumer preferences, and innovative solutions.

Learning With LEVERAGE - Overdraft Services Risks, Requirements and Best Practices
Join Cheryl Lawson, EVP of Compliance Review for JMFA, in an informative webinar as she answers your pressing questions and guides you towards confidently evaluating and refining your credit union's overdraft program and strategy.

Learning With LEVERAGE - Community Outreach with CUNA Professional of the Year
Discover the winning strategies and impactful initiatives implemented by Shea Brown, recipient of the prestigious Business Development Professional of the Year award from CUNA.

Learning With LEVERAGE - Which Audits are Required
Gain clarity on mandatory audits versus optional ones as Marcus King, Vice President of LEVERAGE's CUACG, sheds light on the audit landscape, distinguishing between essential and non-compulsory audits, during an enlightening session.

Learning With LEVERAGE - Community Outreach with CUNA Professional of the Year
Shea Brown, the recently named Business Development Professional of the Year by CUNA, shares his accomplishments and strategies at Leaders Credit Union, aiming to inspire and help others achieve similar success in their respective credit unions.

Learning with LEVERAGE - Tokenization Webinar
LEVERAGE Payment Solutions provides support for major mobile wallets and wearables, which can benefit credit unions in a post-pandemic era.

Learning With LEVERAGE - Cyber Incident Reporting Webinar with NCUA & PIVOT Group
Learn about NCUA supervisory priorities and cybersecurity best practices by watching our recorded webinar on Cybersecurity Reg 748A and B Compliance Requirements.

Learning With LEVERAGE - New Cyber Incident Reporting Rule and Vendor Management Exam Help
This informative session will equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate your Vendor Management Audit and understand the final ruling on Cybersecurity Incident Reporting.

Learning With LEVERAGE - ATM Threats and Security Measures
This presentation will highlight types of ATM attacks and recommended countermeasures to mitigate these attacks, including industry mandates and recommendations.

Learning With LEVERAGE - Strategies for Increasing Brand Awareness
Credit unions need to develop effective strategies for increasing brand awareness to grow their customer base and compete effectively.

Learning With LEVERAGE - What Your Auditors Look For
Join Marcus King, VP of CUACG, as he gives insight into what auditors look for, beneficial for any CEO, CFO, or internal auditors.

Learning With LEVERAGE - Unlocking the Power of Rewards: The Importance and Influence of Credit and Debit Rewards
This presentation will explore the significance of rewards for Credit and Debit, showcasing the prevailing trend in society and consumers' growing interest in the rewards arena, as well as discussing the advantages of interchange and PFI for Credit Unions and their potential to attract a younger demographic.

Learning With LEVERAGE - Get Intelligent about AI
This roundtable discussion on AI in credit unions will feature a panel of distinguished industry experts with diverse backgrounds in credit union member support, workflow automation, and lending.

Current Newsletter - October 2023

We provide SOLUTIONS.
We offer innovative, customizable products and services designed to help you reduce expenses, increase non-interest income, improve regulatory compliance, increase loan growth and more.

We provide access to experts in sales strategy, marketing insights, operational tools, cooperative resources and more to help you financial institution navigate change and realize optimal growth.

We FOCUS on you.
We design custom solutions enabling your financial institution to not only compete, but to surge ahead in a crowded marketplace.

We EVOLVE with you.
We partner with you for the long term, evolving alongside you so that we can anticipate and proactively strategize against your changing needs and challenges.

To create an environment that enables credit unions to grow and succeed.

Our vision is to be the trusted source for solutions that meet the needs of credit unions while supporting enterprise sustainability.

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