Headquartered a few miles south of Denver, in Littleton, Colorado, PassTime is a leading provider of award-winning GPS Solutions. For more than 25 years, we’ve served the automotive industry–from BHPH dealers, to finance companies, credit unions and banks, to franchise and independent dealerships, to fleet managers– helping customers connect their vehicles, protect their assets, and grow their businesses.

We have some of the longest tenured employees in the industry, developing industry experts that understand the needs of our customers. As a pioneer in the automotive IoT (internet of things) space, PassTime’s advanced technology has evolved with the industry. We have dozens of technology patents, and a worldwide customer base of over 10,000 businesses, protecting more than $10 billion in automotive assets.


TRAX is simple, easy to use GPS tracking with optional starter-interrupt. Keep track of your assets, implement faster repossessions, and analyze better vehicle intelligence to help you grow your business.

• Efficiently track and communicate with members
• Finance more members
• Decrease delinquencies and repossessions
• Protect your vehicles and profits

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PassTime Select GPS is a feature-rich solution for customized asset management. With on-demand web, text, and email-based alerts and payment reminders, precise geofencing, and starter interrupt and remote vehicle disable functionality, Select GPS gives users ultimate control over their vehicles and customer communications.

• Pinpoint GPS and GeoFencing
• Proactive payment reminders to improve collections
• Web-based interface for collateral management and customer communication

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PassTime Elite is a GPS tracking and assured payment system solution with the ultimate combination of functionality and flexibility. With tamper and tow detection alerts, starter interrupt and override commands, and proprietary Automated Collection Technology (ACT), Elite users enjoy unmatched management of their vehicles, portfolio, and profits.

• Increase overall portfolio performance
• Decrease delinquencies and reduce repossession costs
• Mitigate risk and protect profitability

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PassTime’s first completely wireless, self-powered solution, Encore’s suite of GPS tools allow credit unions to protect their assets without needing to install a device. Battery-powered and easy activation make Encore perfect for Credit Unions.

• Battery-powered means no vehicle wires to cut
• Installs in seconds
• 4+ years battery life
• Pinpoint GPS
• Multiple Power Modes provide features and battery life you need

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