Access Softek, Inc.

Access Softek, Inc.

Access Digital Banking

Sitting at the center of an integrated enterprise suite, Access Digital Banking is the beating heart of your future-ready digital solution. Their state-of-the-art vision of cross-channel accessibility helps you meet your users wherever they prefer to bank: online, through native mobile apps and mobile browsers, and even on wearables like Apple Watch. Thanks to their native application architecture, designed completely in-house for a consistent and unified vision, every user touchpoint experience feels native to that device for an optimized user experience.

With Access Digital Banking you can:

  • • Solve password issues with biometrics-first login and authentication workflows
  • • Move money using simple transfers screen
  • • Make data-driven decisions with their built-in analytics package
  • • Utilize powerful configuration options with a user-friendly admin tool


  • • Conversational banking options like ChatBot, Live Chat, and Video Chat
  • • Single log-in access to all user accounts
  • • Move funds through ACH, wires, P2P, to other members and across accounts
  • • Hundreds of core agnostic SSOs and APIs
  • • Amplified campaigns with targeted and traditional marketing methods
  • • Voice assistant support for checking balances, transactions, and transfers
  • • Securities like breached credential detection, multi-factor authentication, and biometrics
  • • Financials sharing with simple, secure, and highly controlled access
  • • Highly configurable alerts that arrive via email, text, and/or push notification
  • • One-day Rapid Deployment feature installations and no-cost quarterly upgrades
  • • Visual interaction with transaction history, emoji categorization, image/receipt uploads and graphical representations


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