Active.Ai provides advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that enhances communication methods for credit unions and other financial institutions by providing a highly personalized conversational experience. With Active.Ai, your members will have 24/7 access to an intelligent virtual assistant that has been specifically designed to anticipate needs and effectively answer questions associated with financial institutions. Active.Ai is unique in that it can be used for text communication in a chatbot format and verbal communication through a phone call. In fact, Active.Ai is so advanced in terms of similar AI technology, that it is the only AI program specifically for financial institutions that offers bilingual capabilities for English and Spanish speakers.

With a 95 percent accuracy rating in addressing questions via voice, video, and messaging, Active.Ai is sure to be a reliable resource that your members can access at their convenience. Active.Ai not only allows for reliable, personalized information being shared with your members, but it also provides an additional resource for smaller credit unions that may not have the capacity for a full-time customer service representative. Setting up Active.Ai at your credit union is simple and requires minimal technical support.

Reduce up to 50% of calls and chats coming into your call center by using automated responses for frequently asked questions.

Conduct your financial business using a variety of platforms, such as Alexa and Google Home, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Using AI technology, the virtual assistant will begin to anticipate the needs of the member by predicting the next question asked during a chat session.

AI is already at work in your credit union – underwriting and fraud protection are probably the most obvious. Conversational AI is just the next step, and it provides a way for your members to engage without a human present. We have around 1,000 questions available, and a user can ask any of them in any order. Conversational AI can be both voice (IVR/IVA, Amazon Alexa) and chat (chatbots, messaging apps). Intelligent voice assistants are very popular with credit unions since they can take some of the staffing and hiring pressures off call centers. IVAs are often used to handle call overflow and after-hours calls. The most common AI chat usage right now is chatbots on your website. Messaging apps though, are far more popular with younger bankers and that will only grow. All our chat solutions are available in Spanish as well!

Typically 8-12 weeks. Some take as little as four weeks, and some can take more than 12. The key variables are, what is the first channel being implemented, what systems are being integrated, how many FAQs will be in the launch, and how long will it take your team to customize the FAQs for your members. We provide hundreds of credit union-specific FAQs out of the box, but you’ll want to lend your voice to them to make the member experience consistent across all interactions.

Typically, 2-4 weeks with some of the same variables as above. Since all channels use the same database, once it’s installed it’s just plugging the new channel into the correct external systems and testing.

Access Softek’s Fraud Control solution is evolving to defeat it. Powered by AI, Fraud Control protects the account by learning each user’s normal digital behavior and reacting when out-of-pattern activity is detected for that user. Fraudsters are stopped in their tracks while real users authenticate with ease.

Active Ai is a product of, Gupshup. Gupshup has been around since 2004 and now has over 1,500 employees. Gupshup is a Meta official business partner serving nine billion messages and 45k+ customers globally.

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