Credit Union Financial Services (CUFS), a Credit Union Service Organization, specializes in mortgages for credit union members. Whether you’re looking for a full-service mortgage financial partner, or a-la-carte services, CUFS can customize the partnership your credit union needs.

Partner Services:

  • • Loan Origination Services
    • ο Your mortgage, CUFS’ employees – No additional credit union staffing required
    • ο CUFS assumes compliance and regulatory risk
  • • Loan Fulfillment Services
    • ο Loan Processing
    • ο Loan Underwriting
    • ο Loan Closing
  • • Loan Servicing
    • ο CUFS manages escrow payments for taxes and insurance
    • ο CUFS handles regulatory (HMDA) reporting

Zero Cost, Value Added Services:

  • • Credit Union Staff Training
  • • Cross-Selling Opportunities
  • • Mortgage Marketing Toolkit
  • • Bi-Monthly Reporting
  • • Member Counseling & Training

Member Mortgage Solutions:

Primary Purchase & Refinance Solutions

  • • FHA Loans - Purchase down payment as low as 3.5%
  • • Conventional Loans - Purchase down payment as low as 3%
  • • ARMs – Up to 90% Loan to Value ratio without PMI
  • • VA Loans – Zero down payment
  • • USDA Loans – Zero down payment
  • • 2nd Home Purchase & Refinance Solutions – Low purchase down payment available
  • • Investment Property Purchase & Refinance Solutions
  • • Constructions Loans
  • • Rehabilitation Loans
  • • Credit Union 100% LTV Loans
  • • Credit Union Physician 100% LTV Loans


Established in 1993, Credit Union Financial Services (CUFS) is a CUSO that provides affordable and trustworthy mortgage solutions to credit union members throughout the southeast.

CUFS helps credit unions provide affordable mortgage solutions to members. By partnering with CUFS, credit unions can help their members achieve their home ownership dreams, while also lending more money.

CUFS is ideal for credit unions looking to implement a mortgage financing program or for those looking to boost their existing mortgage program and lend more money. CUFS can provide a full-service solution from A to Z or provide specific services to credit unions needing to relieve their staff of a heavy burden.

By partnering with CUFS, credit unions can offer members a full suite of mortgage solutions without adding staff members. CUFS also provides: FREE marketing materials to help credit unions promote the service; staff training; member counseling; bimonthly reporting and cross-selling of the credit union’s products.

Members of partnering credit unions can access a full suite of mortgage solutions with great rates as well as step-by-step guidance throughout the process. CUFS’ Licensed Mortgage Advisors work with each member to find the affordable mortgage solution that best fits their specific situation. And if a member doesn’t qualify for a loan, CUFS will provide the member with steps to better their financial situation so they can potentially qualify at a later date.

When partnering with CUFS, the credit union does not need to hire or allocate any staff members to handle mortgages. CUFS can manage all loan origination, loan fulfillment and loan servicing for member mortgages. The credit union simply promotes the program and passes along any member mortgages inquiries to the CUFS’ staff – it’s as easy as that!

CUFS offers options when it comes to partnership. Whether a credit union needs a fullservice mortgage solutions partner, or just specific mortgage financing services, CUFS can customize the partnership to fit a credit union’s needs.

CUFS assumes all compliance and regulatory risks associated with the mortgage program.

CUFS manages escrow payments for taxes and insurance and handles all regulatory (HMDA) reporting.

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