Diamond Communication Solutions

Electronic and print document delivery solutions

To help credit unions maximize the value of their critical communications, LEVERAGE, in partnership with Diamond Communication Solutions and its agent, Print Resources, Inc., has created an array of products and services that can be combined and customized to meet your specific needs. Using our electronic statement or print and mail products in conjunction with our dynamic messaging capabilities allows credit unions to make the most of their member communications.

Our Services

As a trusted communication expert for credit unions, Diamond Communication Solutions is committed to bringing you more value with each electronic and print document delivered while protecting your members’ privacy every step of the way. With 20-plus years of experience supporting credit unions, we’ve developed products and services that focus on maximizing your personalized member communications while reducing costs.

E-Statement Efficiencies

An important cost-saving measure for credit unions is the use of E-statements. Through LEVERAGE and Diamond Communication Solutions, your credit union has maximum control and flexibility to tailor your documents using completely variable and dynamic messaging and graphics. With this strategic approach to the design and delivery of your documents, you can:

  • Create full-color, targeted transpromotional communications
  • Communicate in your member’s preferred method — with electronic or print documents
  • Reduce paper/postage expenses by transforming your documents into E-Statements

With strategically-located facilities across the country, credit unions will appreciate the efficiencies and synergies of working with a single source, as well as the expertise of a knowledgeable team of industry professionals.

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  • Statements (member, credit card, mortgage, and HELOC)
  • Daily Notices
  • Loan Coupons
  • 1098/1099/5498 Statements
  • Marketing Communications

Q: To what degree is Diamond involved with credit unions?

A: Diamond currently works with more than 450 credit unions for their electronic and print delivery service needs.

Q: Does Diamond work with my core provider?

A: Diamond works with most core providers in the marketplace today.

Q: Does Diamond have an E-statement solution?

A: Diamond has an E-statement Module that integrates with most online/mobile banking providers in the marketplace today. The E-statement Module has more than 290 million images stored on this site.

Q: How long does this take to implement?

A: The typical implementation time is 60-90 days. Diamond has completed implementations in a shorter timeframe, if needed.

Q: What support is provided to the credit union during implementation?

A: Diamond will work with each credit union to develop a Scope of Work for the specific project that clearly defines all the specifications and deliverables of the project in one document. In addition, there will be a Project Manager assigned to the credit union to support all of their needs.

Q: What systems do you need access to?

A: The credit union will need to access DiamondView (client portal) to securely review proofs and reports for their projects. DiamondView can be accessed with any current browser.

Q: What support do you provide to the credit union after implementation?

A: The Project Manager assigned to each credit union will be available to support any issues that involve the project(s) that have been implemented.

Q: Will there be any down time to the members during implementation of any project?

A: There will be no scheduled down time to members.

Q: Will our members have a delay in receiving new statements? If so, how much?

A: Delivery is predicated on the USPS meeting their timeframe of 3-5 business days for First-Class Mail. Diamond does provide Mail Tracking for statements. Mail Tracking allows the credit union to know where their statements are in the USPS and the credit union can track delivery.