Gupshup offers advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that enhances communication for credit unions and financial institutions, providing a highly personalized conversational experience. With Gupshup, members have 24/7 access to an intelligent virtual assistant designed to anticipate needs and answer questions related to financial services. Supporting both text-based chatbot and verbal phone call interactions, sets us apart from other AI technologies. Notably, Gupshup’s chatbot was one of the first AI programs for financial institutions with bilingual capabilities for English and Spanish speakers.

With a 95 percent accuracy rating (or higher with GPT fallback) in addressing questions via voice and messaging, Gupshup is a reliable resource that your members can access at their convenience. Gupshup not only allows for reliable, personalized information being shared with your members, but it also provides an additional resource for smaller credit unions that may not have the capacity for a full-time customer service representative or a high technical budget. Setting up Gupshup at your credit union is simple and requires minimal technical support.

Reduce up to 50% of calls and chats coming into your call center by using automated responses for frequently asked questions.

Conduct your financial business using a variety of platforms, such as Alexa and Google Home, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Predict and Respond with GPT
AI-trained FAQs handle the bulk of your members’ questions. Using AI technology, the virtual assistant will also anticipate the needs of the member and make suggestions if the question is vague or contains typos. GPT and LLM models trained on your enterprise knowledgebase will be used as a fallback to make sure the member gets a relevant response. There are some valid concerns with GPT, but we mitigate this with a non-dynamic (does not learn with each interaction) model that is only trained on your specified content. These guardrails keep your credit union and your members safe.

AI is already at work in your credit union – underwriting and fraud protection are probably the most obvious. Conversational AI is just the next step, and it enables members to engage effortlessly without the need for human intervention. With approximately 1,000 available questions, we recommend deploying the top 100 most common ones, while our GPT-driven engine handles the rest. Conversational AI can be both voice (IVR/IVA, Amazon Alexa) and chat (chatbots, messaging apps). Intelligent voice assistants are very popular with credit unions as they alleviate staffing and hiring pressures on call centers. IVAs are often used to handle call overflow and after-hours calls. The most common AI chat usage right now is chatbots on your website. Messaging apps, though, are far more popular with younger members and that will only grow. All our chat solutions are available in Spanish as well!

Curating the FAQs is the most timeconsuming part of the process. If the FAQ list is kept short, and edits are handled quickly, 2-4 weeks is common and shorter is possible. The key variables are how many FAQs will be in the launch, and how long will it take your team to customize the FAQs for your members. We have hundreds of credit union-specific FAQs out of the box, but you’ll want to pare that down and lend your voice to them to make the member experience consistent across all interactions.

Typically, 1-3 weeks with some of the same variables as above. Since all channels use the same database, once it’s installed it’s just plugging the new channel into the correct external systems and testing. If workflows or integrations are being deployed, this will be extended. We have 250 use cases built, so that would only add a few weeks, not months.

Since the Gupshup chatbot model is build-once-use-many, once a workflow and integration is built for one channel, it can be deployed to any other channel quickly - even to an IVA.

Gupshup has been around since 2004 and now has over 1,300 employees. Gupshup is a Meta official business partner serving ten billion messages per month, and 45k+ customers globally.

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