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ODP Business Solutions (formerly known as Office Depot Business Solutions) and LEVERAGE offer a National Buying Program that will maximize savings to Credit Unions of all sizes through collaborative buying power. Higher volumes to ODP Business Solutions and LEVERAGE result in higher savings to Credit Unions!

Credit Union Program Benefits:

  • 10% - 45% - Off on Office Products and Supplies
  • 20% - 45% - Off on Cleaning, Facility, and Breakroom Items
  • 10% - 15% - Off on Office Furniture
  • 20% - Off on Private Brand Ink/Toner(a)
  • 10% - Off on Technology Solutions(b)
  • Free Next Day Delivery on $50 minimum order

(a) 10% or more off national labels like Hewlett Packard
(b) With competitively bid options

Order for Delivery or In-Store Pickup via:

  • • Online
  • • Phone

Additional Key Credit Union Program Features Include:

  • • Extension of same savings as a benefit to Credit Union Members
  • • Selecting "Custom Core" products with deeper discounts
  • • Competitive bidding for Credit Unions with over 100 employees
  • • "Mobile Optimization" to place, hold, and release branch orders
  • • Utilization of live fee "Dashboard" by branch(c)
  • • Subscription offerings for regularly ordered products(d)

(c) Track product spending and savings as well as compare products and savings
(d) Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly automated-ordering subscription

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