Check Printing Contract Consulting

Check Printing Contract Solutions

LEVERAGE’s Check Printing Contract Consultant Program provides volume discounts to help large asset sized credit unions significantly reduce the cost of printing member checks. Check printing profit margins are incredibly high and only someone with specific vendor contract experience and marketplace knowledge can secure the highest possible savings for credit unions. Based on proven results, the typical total savings over five years for your credit union would be:

  • 50,000 members - $250,000 average 5 year savings
  • 100,000 members - $500,000 average 5 year savings
  • 200,000 members - $1,000,000 average 5 year savings

Program Features

  • Consultant with 35 years of experience will negotiate contract on behalf of the credit union
  • No out of pocket expense to the credit union – the check printer funds the consulting fee. The Consultant only gets paid a percentage of the contract savings
  • The vast majority of clients choose to stay with their current vendor Program Benefits
  • Savings of up to 50% of printing costs over a five-year contract
  • Savings can be passed on to members in the form of lower check printing fees
  • Savings can be retained by credit union to increase non-interest income
  • Credit union can both reduce costs and increase non-interest income