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Glia, available from LEVERAGE, breaks down the walls of traditional member support by combining all communication means into one unified, digital member service experience that is always on-screen and starts wherever the person is. Regardless of where it begins, each interaction can easily and seamlessly move between channels, without losing continuity and context or having to restart the conversation – gone are the days of “Please re-enter your...”

Reducing Member Effort

Credit unions thrive on the high-touch, personalized one-to-one service they offer. Glia reduces member efforts by offering:

  • Engage Members - Using chat, social, SMS, phone, online voice and video
  • Live Observation - Enables member service representatives to see what a visitor sees
  • Dual-cursor CoBrowsing - Empowers member service representatives to view and co-pilot members’ on-screen experiences
  • AI-powered operator assistants - Gives contextual response suggestions and compliance alerts to member service representatives to support serving members
  • AI Orchestrator - Enables plug-and-play management of multiple bot engines, along with tools to optimize them

Enterprise Reliability and Security

Glia’s platform was architected from the ground-up to exceed the security, reliability and compliance needs of the most demanding financial enterprises. Glia masks out sensitive form fields on-screen and encrypts interactions to ensure privacy, security, and peace of mind for customers and agents. Glia runs on a hardened Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, using the latest encryption technologies and independently deployable microservices to ensure scalability and high availability. Dedicated GSEC-certified security staff and SOC-2 audited controls provide end-to-end security validated by independent experts and major financial institution security/compliance teams.


More and more, members are engaging with you through online channels, like your online banking site, or mobile banking application. Glia allows you to meet your members at their point of need and provides a digital-first servicing option. This way, the member can engage with you via chat, text, video, or audio, directly from your digital property. When the member initiates an engagement with you directly from your site, this eliminates the need to call the credit union. For those members who do contact the credit union through an off-line phone call, Glia enables you to pair their phone calls with a digital session, so the operator can utilize Live Observation of the member’s screen, CoBrowse with the member through their web session, teach the member how to use the digital properties, and ultimately achieve first call resolution.

Glia is an extremely lightweight platform and can easily be integrated into your digital assets, like your public site, online banking portal, lending pages, etc., with a single line of javascript. Furthermore, the implementation timeframe is typically three to six weeks; this includes integration into your digital properties, configuration of business logic rules on your sites, as well as training for your staff and operators.

Glia is committed to providing WhiteGlove Service with all of our customers, starting with the implementation process all the way through post-launch and beyond. Glia will assign a Launch Manager, who will guide you through the three to six week implementation period to launch day. Additionally, a Customer Success Manager will be designated to your credit union. The CSM is your consultative expert who will help establish your strategic objectives, as well as the key performance indicators for your member interactions. Not only will your CSM actively monitor usage and interaction rates, but they will also provide guidance and best practices along the way, in addition to conducting quarterly business reviews to ensure a strong return on your investment and an excellent overall experience.

No, Glia does not require integration into your core processor. Rather, Glia is a system of engagement that interacts with your digital properties, and the technology providers for those sites (i.e. digital banking, online account opening and lending, marketing sites, etc).

CoBrowsing, short for collaborative browsing, is joint navigation through the same site at the same time between the Member Service Representative or call center agent and the member. When coupled with Live Observation, or the agent’s ability to see the member’s session in real-time, CoBrowsing is an incredibly effective way to teach the member how to use the site and guide them through their session. In most cases, our customers experience a 20% faster issue resolution timeframe as well as drastic improvements in Member Satisfaction scores.

Glia complements any AI engine, and serves as the framework through which chatbot and live agent interactions are managed. This way, the credit union can deploy finely-tuned bots for specific areas of the site to optimize the user’s experience. This benefits the credit union by centralizing all routing and queueing, bot-tohuman transfers, and reporting into one system. Additionally, the AI engine can be leveraged to provide live agents with assisted responses based on the member’s specific question, which reduces the average handling timeframes and creates greater efficiencies across the service operation.

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