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Protect Your Valuable Personal Information

With the increasing number of natural disasters in the news and recent devastation in the southeast from extreme weather and storms, consumers and business owners need a solid strategy to securely protect important documents and information.

LEVERAGE partner RecordLyf provides a credit union branded community outreach program to educate members and potential members on the need for a disaster recovery plan. This solution, offered in partnership with Virtual StrongBox, provides a safe online platform for personal storage and serves as a secure platform for document sharing.

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  • Secure portal for storage of insurance policies, financial records, drivers’ licenses, social security cards, medical records, prescription information, important contacts and wills
  • Cloud-based single sign on portal protected by seven security patents
  • Proven solution to more than 300 credit unions providing protected online storage tools
  • Provides platform for increased credit union branded member and non-member engagement

  • Designed to provide at no cost to the member as a value add of being a credit union member
  • Increase credit union brand awareness
  • 24-hour access to a 100MB personal disaster recovery vault
  • Third-party document sharing through a unique share link

Q: What is RecordLyf?

A: LEVERAGE has partnered with Virtual StrongBox to offer credit unions in the southeast this valuable solution for document storage and safe keeping. RecordLyf is a cloud-based personal disaster recovery and preparedness storage vault that protects vital documents and records for consumers and small businesses as well as providing a document sharing portal.

Q: What is Virtual StrongBox’s experience?

A: Founded in July 2014, Virtual StrongBox is a secure file-sharing solution that was created specifically for the financial institution industry. Currently, Virtual StrongBox has approximately 300 credit union clients across North America.

Initially started as an online safe deposit box, Virtual StrongBox grew into the optimal tool to connect companies with customers. The platform was designed to store sensitive data but developed into a tool to facilitate the exchange of confidential documents. This capability allows customers to use their custom vault to complete transactions more quickly and store documents safely online.

Q: What are the benefits of RecordLyf for your credit union?

A: RecordLyf provides a platform for a strong community outreach promoting disaster preparedness. It also extends the credit union brand increasing your credit union’s awareness in the community year-round by opening conversations with members and non-members.

Q: What will the cost be for members?

A: After you purchase service, RecordLyf will be made available to your members at no cost. It can serve as a springboard to conversations involving financial preparedness, investments, savings and retirement planning.

Q: Who will have access to RecordLyf?

A: Your credit union will have the ability to provide this product to your members and potential members in the communities you serve.

Q: Why RecordLyf?

A: Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados and fires cannot always be prevented and can be quite devastating. Advance preparation is wise and can be life changing for those experiencing these events.

Q: How is RecordLyf accessed?

A: Members and credit union staff enroll online using a secure password protected account that will provide access to a 100MB personal disaster recovery vault. Each user can also add multifactor authentication to their account once set up.

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